Love Is Not Everything In A Relationship

There is nothing quite as electrifying and satisfying as falling in love especially when you’ve found a partner to spend your life with. But what happens when you start to realize that this man or woman might cause you more sufferings than satisfaction? You’ve already let yourself get so invested that you even enter the sanctity of marriage. You don’t know that it’s more painful than you could have imagined.

This was my experience again and again, until I started to see my relationship from a different perspective. Love alone is not enough for a marriage to work. It should be coupled with trust and respect. When you know how to embrace your weaknesses and strengths.

When my marriage failed, I kept on asking myself why it happened? But lately I realized that it’s not really because my husband was wrong or I was the one faulted. It’s because we never learned to accept ourselves wholeheartedly that we keep on searching from each other to fill that emptiness. For any relationship to work, both parties should be willing to feel and to deal with their ugly feelings.

For having a happy married life, love is not enough. There are still many things that will change your love life entirely. Some people even will take extreme action to prove his love to her due to lack of ability to control his feelings for a woman. Not because they don’t understand what is right or wrong, but when the attraction is too strong and they are not mature enough to get themselves in control, chances are they will make mistakes unconsciously because at the moment it just feels right.

Love is not enough for a relationship. What really makes a relationship stronger and sustainable is respect, honesty, truthfulness and win- win,understanding of each other. There are so many events over which we have no control. But being happy isn’t something that happens based on how others are doing for you. Happiness starts from within. No matter what happens, you have the control over your life, so, your happiness depends upon your choice even if sometimes we delude ourselves in the common belief that love alone can save or make our relationships work.

The moment you have feelings for someone, nothing matters anymore. All you are concerned about is that you are in love;you are in love of being in love.You don’t care about the consequences of your wrong choices and you get hurt every time you go into a relationship, and you still don’t learn. The fact of the matter is that you are loving wrongly.

In a functional relationship, love or for want a of a better word emotions is never enough to sustain any relationship. The feeling, the emotions and its results will not make it work. There are more important ingredients that make relationship sustainable of which love is not included. What really makes relationship stronger and sustainable is respect, honesty and truthfulness.

Every good relationship is anchored on win-win situations and have nothing to do with love. Relationship based on win-win situation, means everybody is benefiting from the relationship. At the end of the day, everybody was happy and not one-sided. At the end of the day, every complains was addressed. Every fight was settled. Everybody was satisfied.

If a relationship would not work in the first place, coming back again will not make it better. It’s just a waste of time. Just focus on yourself and the people around you who supported and loved you unconditionally like your family and kids. Even if trying to understand, goes a long way to bridge the gap between you and your partner in a more satisfactory manner; patience is required to make the relationship work, and not love.

Strong relationships are built not on love, but built on mutual respect, mutual understanding, sharing private matters when needed.

For any relationship to work, it’s important to set some time aside to just be a couple; and spend quality time together regularly, especially during hard times. This doesn’t need to involve money; just a walk down the park together or along the beach will help. Just taking yourself out of your home environment will be beneficial and this does not necessarily requires love; just merely mutual understanding.

Designed for a Purpose

Purpose creates the existence of everything which we see. The things which are seen existing are in existence because of its purpose. Purpose must be fulfilled and so things are built to exist as a means through which purpose is fulfilled, that without purpose nothing will exist. Everything built was made with the purpose in mind which means that purpose makes the things which we see possible. This is quite a compelling understanding because with this understand we can fully be aware of the reason why things are made differently, why a shoe does not look like an airplane because of their difference in purpose which created the obtrusive difference in the invention.

Watching lives being lived without discovering purpose is one of the most disturbing views to watch. We live a confused life when we refuse to discover our purpose, denying ourselves the opportunity to live the life that is full of everything that is for us only. We exist to serve a purpose, it is in the serving of the purpose that we really are living and so to be unaware of purpose is to exist without living. Anything that lives outside of its purpose becomes useless to itself and others, like a shoe, if it goes outside of its purpose, it becomes useless, useless because its potential is not been used and it is in no way needful in a place outside of its purpose. Each one of us is created differently because of the different purpose we have to fulfill and so our innate potential differs. We are unique like it or not.

There is a visible struggle that is seen in the very eyes of the ones who are frantically seeking after the knowledge of their purpose. It has in a way landed some people down the plane of search, put off the fire that burns for coming into purpose. In this stage of life, it is not all that goes into the forest that comes out with the revelation of their purpose. It is in the same look we have as humans that make it difficult to discover our purpose. A car and a phone, the purpose is obtrusive because we see the difference between them and we understand that our unique purpose makes us different but looking from the outside of ourselves, we look alike and that has left us with the struggle that has led many to die without fulfilling their purpose.

It is imperative that we come quickly into the place of purpose to live our unique life more fully. Knowing your purpose is a solution to the confusion you encounter in your life, the mirror which you see the place you fit and the answer to why you are said to be unique.

The first step is to go to your creator. The purpose of an invention is in the mind of the inventor and so if you can’t see the purpose of a thing, you ask the one who made it. It is therefore compulsory to go to God the one who created us to find our purpose. The seeking of God’s face is the discovery of purpose and so to be in the inventors mind is to find your purpose. If you can get God to keep you in his mind by seeking him ravenously, he will reveal to you your purpose.

The second step is a form of self-analysis. Observing yourself from within to see how different you are from others because the differences is as a result of your purpose so the moment you look for how different you are from others, you open your eyes to discover your purpose. This leads me to a thought that your purpose is your true identity, that who you are is not in the similarities you have with others but in the differences, that is why when we try to fit in with others, we compromise the possibility of discovering who we are and denying ourselves the knowledge of our purpose. The ones, who really know who they are, behave differently and if not already living on purpose, can easily discern it. They are the most productive, impactful and effective individual in the world

Why I Believe in Listening to God

There’s a lot of competing voices beckoning us to listen. First, we have the opinions of our family and friends. We’ve got our coworkers and bosses. And then just look at the media: ads everywhere on the Internet, TV, radio, magazines, newsletters… it’s endless.

Cram all of this together in our heads day and night and then leave us to sort it out and try to decide what should stick.

Who should we listen to? Who should have the final word on what is best?

I don’t know about you, but a long time ago I determined all the voices clamoring for my attention had a serious lack of reliability. Some were dead wrong, others were partially right, and that only some of the time. But I never found consistent answers until I turned to God’s Word. I read and read and read and in all of my study (going on 40 years now) I have never, not even once, found a wrong answer. I have never found anything spoken in the Bible to be untrue. I have found nothing that misled me or deceived me.

So where do I get my answers to life? The Bible, God’s Word.

There are many reasons for listening to God, but here a few of the main ones:

God’s Word Brings Security

God created the world. He loves the people He created. He wishes for us to live in peace and security, so He tells us again and again in Scripture how to live. He knows what is best – mankind does not. Man’s ways usher in evil – God’s ways bring peace and security.

“But he who listens to me shall live securely and will be at ease from the dread of evil.” Proverbs 1:33

God’s Word Brings Blessing

Everyone wishes to be blessed. We all desire to have friends and family and be at peace with one another. We want to have friendship, comfort, and love. We want all these things and more and God promises to give them freely, if we will but listen and follow. His ways bring blessing, and more than we can imagine.

“Now therefore, O sons, listen to me, for blessed are they who keep my ways. Proverbs 8:32

God’s Word Brings Forgiveness

One of the greatest difficulties of living in a sin-cursed world is the guilt we bear. No one can escape guilt. Even those who are able to avoid punishment for their evil can never escape guilt. Guilt is a mechanism of the heart, put there by God to alert us to what is right and wrong. When there has been sin, there will be guilt. And we know that all people sin, continuously.

“For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in lovingkindness to all who call upon You.” Psalm 86:5

As taught in His Word, with God there is forgiveness. That forgiveness comes one way, and one way only: it is by the sacrifice of God’s son, Jesus Christ, in our stead, that our sins are paid for and redemption is provided.

The provision by God for forgiveness is a major theme of the Bible. A good overview can be found in John 3:16.

Much of what we hear these days is nothing more than noise, attempting to drown out the truth. I have found and believe that God’s Word is far and away the best source to listen to. Listening to God is crucial to a full life!

And just how do we do that? Great question! There is an article coming on that subject… soon.

RS Kniep is a strong believer in the power of wisdom to affect positive results in people’s lives. He believes all genuine wisdom, in its various forms, comes from God, as found in His Word, the Holy Bible.

As a seeker of wisdom from God, RS Kniep has studied both the Bible and competing views for nearly 30 years. His work focuses on the Biblical books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.